Five Celebrities That Should Host SNL


There have been a slew of celebrities who host SNL, and host it well. From Justin Timberlake to Christopher Walken. Heck, even Scarlett Johansson surprised me when it came to her hosting abilities. But I have noticed that Saturday Night Live seems to stick with safe bets. They rarely step outside of actors or actresses who are known as funny, and I think they would have some fantastic results if they did. Here are five celebrities I wish would host SNL. In some cases, because it would  be funny. In some other cases, because it would probably be a train wreck.

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Will Smith

will smith

What he heck? Why has this not happened, when it seems like Will Smith would make an awesome host? Plus, SNL loves having hosts who can do double duty (sing and host in same episode) so the fact that this has not happened really makes no sense to me. Might be a little too late now, though. I mean, when was the last time you remember Will Smith being funny?

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Tom Cruise


Yes, I put Cruise right after Smith on purpose. Whereas I think Smith would be a funny host, I think Tom Cruise would be the opposite. I don’t think he’s very funny, and I think his ego would get in the way of truly funny sketches. Still, this is a wreck I would want to see for myself.

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Kristen Stewart


Okay, let’s prove once and for all that Kristen Stewart does not belong in Hollywood by putting her on live TV. I know it sounds a bit cruel, but admit it. You would tune in.

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Brad Pitt


The few times people have let Brad Pitt be funny, he has been REALLY funny. Just his Friends episode from years ago proves he’s got what it takes. So why hasn’t he hosted? Me thinks he might take himself a bit too seriously.

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Allison Brie


I know this Community star is not up to the level of stardom the others on this list are, but I have an odd feeling she would totally kill it and win many fans over to her side if she were even given a chance to host SNL. Also, being easy to look at doesn’t hurt her chances. On top of it, she has an amazing voice and could potentially sing as well. Just saying. I know it wont happen, but don’t mind me if I dream aloud for a moment.

So who do YOU wish would host SNL? Take to the comments and let us know.

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  • Robert Colontonio

    kristen stewart is dead wood.Didn’t anybody see the twilight movies.and will smith is just getting more annoying as the years go by.

  • disqus_9NBeXqu9lD

    Tom Hiddleston would be great on SNL.

  • Bryan

    My five, in no particular order:
    Simon Pegg
    Anna Kendrick
    Tom Hiddleston
    Maisie Williams
    Peter Dinklage

  • Evelyn Sokk

    Demi Lovato would be awesome