Five Classic Movie Comedies that Could Be Made Into TV Shows

Paul October 24, 2012 3

We’ve seen TV shows being made into movies for years now, but more recently it’s movies that are becoming TV shows, from The Avengers to Fargo.

I had some ideas that could take five classic comedies we all know and love, and turn them into TV series. Most aren’t ones you’d usually think would be ripe to adapt, but hey, it’s better than remaking them into another movie, right?


A new Ghostbusters movie has been in the works for a while now, with half the cast returning and Bill Murray wanting nothing to do with it. But I think it would be better served not trying to cling to the past, and simply be remade into a show where a new team tries to defeat various ghostly foes week to week. It could be a great vehicle for young comedians to shine, and there are pretty much unlimited “ghost stories” that could be told to figure out content.

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  • Carla

    Beverly Hills Cop is already being made. Shawn Ryan is making it. See Twitter.

  • domcruise

    Well, Beverly Hills Cop IS being turned into a TV show with Eddie Murphy set to appear in the pilot, and Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will be reprising Bill & Ted in a new movie which deals with them in their 40′s


    But I would rather a TV version of Ghostbusters than a new movie. That seems like a better idea.

  • Steve

    Bill and Ted actually had a tv show. It was a cartoon, but it was pretty much as you suggested, each ep was a diff time period. Since it was a cartoon it was kinda educational to help teach history. Same with the bttf cartoon.