My Five Favorite TV Families

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Family is a very strange thing. They see the best of us, but they often can also summon the worst in us. They can sometimes pick us up when we are down, but sometimes can throw us down when we are up. That is the thing about family, though. They are family. No matter what you go through, you have each other’s backs. When thinking about TV families, some of my favorites may shock you. But if you stop to think about why they are here, it makes perfect sense. Anyway, for your enjoyment, here are my five favorite TV families, in no particular order.

The Brady Bunch

You all may be laughing at me, but when I was a kid, this show was always on, and I was always jealous of just how tight this family was. Now, looking back, we can see it for how safe and sanitized it is. But man, very few adults my age went through adolescence without at least wishing they were part of this family once.

The Bundys from Married with Children

Ah, but then I grew up and saw how dysfunctional family really is. That is when I switched from Bradys to Bundys. Al Bundy had a little bit of all our Dads in him. He was tired, he was annoyed, but you know what? He would kill for his family. They may have fought a lot, but there was a lot of love under the surface on this show.

The Lannisters from Game of Thrones

BLASPHEMY! No, but really. As slimy as they all are, think about just how committed to one another the Lannisters are on Game of Thrones (so far). Granted, a few of them may sleep together, and so what if they try to murder kids. I am not juding them on a moral compass. I am juding them as a family, and that family SERIOUSLY has each other’s backs (for the most part). I almost went with the Starks, but then I remembered the Red Wedding.

The Cosbys from The Cosby Show

Any Dad who takes time to make his kids appreciate jazz is a pretty cool Dad. Also, they just always seemed liked they were having fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun with people they love, 24/7?

The Sons of Anarchy

Surprised you with this one. But if you pay attention to the show, you know. The Sons are family. They may mistakenly murder your wife, and cause your kid to get kidnapped, and really all be horrible people, but at the end of the day, they will also kill for you. Now that, my friends, is family.

So who is your favorite TV family? Take to the comments and let us know.

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