Five Guilty Pleasure TV Shows For Guys


While I watch a lot of TV each night, there are always just a few shows that, as a guy, I just can’t help but watching.

It’s not as if I set my DVR to record them or anything, but even if there’s a decent sports game on, there’s a good chance that I’m choosing to watch these shows over some redundant sporting event.

Now I can’t speak for all guys, but from the research I’ve done—which basically just consists of talking with my buddies—here are the biggest guilty pleasure TV shows that we just can’t help but watching.

5. The Bachelor

OK ladies, here you go.

For all of you out there who have heard for years from boyfriends and husbands about how you’re “forcing them” to watch this competition of one guy and 30 attractive girls, I have a secret for you—they’re lying about how much they dislike it.

On top of being very entertaining, deep down guys know like to see how another dude can handle balancing all those different girls, making for some really good drama—and a bit of advice, too.

4. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

I really hate to admit this one, but after watching it on the tube the other night, I just couldn’t help but get caught-up in all the different things going on.

While I admit that I originally thought that it’d be like watching a trainwreck—much like other reality shows that feature rich folks—I actually found that the cast is somewhat more educated than I thought they’d be.

Sure, they have the stability of their parents money, but they actually have more going for them than just sitting around counting mom and dad’s millions.

Plus, Roxy is quite good to look at. Sorry, it had to be said.

3. Catfish

Maybe it’s the fear of every guy to get catfished himself, or just the intrigue of it happening to another person on TV, but this show is one that is really tough to turn off.

It’s seriously so interesting to see how some people not only find time to create a fake profile for another person, but then to maintain it and actually blatantly lie to another person.

Each episode, guys probably find themselves saying, “There’s no way that’d ever happen to me.” And while we’d all like to think it won’t, who knows what crazy people are on those dating apps people always use.

2. The Millionaire Matchmaker

Sure, any guy who’s sitting on the couch by himself will have the remote control close to their side to save themselves should another person walk in on them watching this show. But don’t be fooled—guys watch this, and really actually like it, too.

It’s always good to see the people who are contestants on each show, and while Patty Stanger would be a load to put up with, she’s fun to see freak out on some of the guys.

Plus, like The Bachelor, The Millionaire Matchmaker has a ton of attractive girls that guys like to try and see if they could ever land themselves—or decide if it’s ultimately just the money of the contestants they’re after.

1. Million Dollar Listing

From everyone who I’ve ever spoken to, this TV show always lands on the top of the list of TV shows that no guy can ever change.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if the season is in New York or Los Angeles—which features a different cast—every guy I’ve ever talked to about this show likes the drama, the unreal houses and, probably most of all, the competition between realtors who are trying to sell a house that is worth millions of dollars.

If you haven’t watched this show before, you’re definitely missing out.

[Photo via Mark Galvaz/ABC]

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