Five Holiday Specials You May Have Forgotten About

Remy Carreiro December 18, 2013 1


Everyone seems to talk about the same holiday specials every Christmas. From The Grinch to Charlie Brown, the classics remain the classics, but what about all the other awesome holiday specials that we all seem to forget about? I decided to comb the darkest recesses of my mind to try and recall some of the lesser-known holiday specials that we all seem to forget even though some of them were just as good as the classics. Here, for your consideration, five holiday specials you may have forgotten about.

The Star Wars Holiday Special

Just kidding. I know no one forgot about this abysmal stain on Star Wars’ history. Seriously worth seeing just for the 20 minutes of wookie dialogue with no subtitles. I wish I was kidding.

A Garfield Christmas

Okay, I will hesitantly admit, this is one of my favorite holiday specials. So much so, that even though it is rarely ever on TV anymore, I still look up clips of it on Youtube to watch every Christmas. Why? Because the songs in it are awesome (and all original) and the Grandma character is one of the sweetest and awesomest old ladies ever created.

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

Remember this duo from the Animaniacs show? Well, you should. They were awesome, and their holiday special was, too. The only Xmas special with world domination as its theme.

A Claymation Christmas Celebration

Outside of Garfield, this is my other favorite. Yes, it may be a 30 minute commercial for California Raisins, but the claymation in the special it utterly fantastic. On top of that, The Siskel and Ebert references that litter the show are very meta and genius. A holiday special unlike any other.

A Family Circus Christmas

Remember this cartoon that used to appear in newspapers every Sunday? Well, I know why you forgot about the holiday special. Because it was about one of the kids asking Santa to bring back their dead Grandpa for Xmas. No, I am not kidding.


Maybe that one is best left forgotten?

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  • stephenmonteith

    Thank you, thank you so much, for including the Claymation Special. It has always been one of my favorites.