Five Hollywood Actresses Who Would Make Great Leads For TV Shows


Television is the new movies. You can argue against it, and think otherwise, but you would be wrong. If you could name one movie character cooler than Walter White in the last year, maybe I would side with you. The reality is, actors and actresses want quality gigs and steady paychecks. That is just what the right TV show would do for them. After much deliberation around our proverbial office, we came up with the five Hollywood actresses who would make great leads for TV shows right now.

Naomi Watts

Is there a better actress in all of Hollywood? Some may think so, but I think Watts body of work shows that she would absolutely shine given the same character to play and evolve, week after week. Just make sure it is a cable drama and not some awful sitcom. I don’t want to see that happen to her.

Meryl Streep

This may seem impossible, but Glenn Close is on a show, so anything is possible. When it comes to actresses, some just shine brighter than most. Streep is one of those actresses. I would watch her weekly in anything. I think most of the world would.

Chloe Moretz

Yes, she may be young, but what about an awesome “My So Called Life” style TV show with a young actress who can capture that teen angst better than anyone right now? You know you would so tune in to see that, week after week.

Helen Mirren

I love this woman. I think she is a living goddess. Not only can she do anything and play anyone, but she does it with all with true grace. I say we give her a show where she is a first lady. Wait, scratch that. Make her the first female president. I know ti seems lofty, but come on. Mirren could pull it off, and you all know it.

Jennifer Lawrence

Al the world loves this girl right now for how real she is, so how about someone giving her the right vehicle to steer. We know she is kooky and fun and honest, so why has no one written a character like that for her yet? I say we just film her, living her daily life. I know reality TV is kind of weak, but I feel like that could be the best show ever.

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