Five Mind Blowing Lines in TV

There are some moments in television that end up blowing your mind for years to come. Some can be summed up in a single line of dialogue that sticks with you long after you hear it.

I’ve tried to find five of those moments below. Memorable moments in TV that were a turning point for the show in some way or another. Some are serious, others a bit more comedic. Check them out below.

“We have to go back!”

From Lost, after a season of mysterious flashbacks that appeared to show life before the Island, in the finale we were treated to a surprise reunion of Kate and Jack. He delivered the memorable line above that revealed the entire sequences of scenes had taken place after the castaways had left the island. Mind = blown.

  • Hunier

    Yeah, except that
    a) it wasn’t like that in Lost, there was no big reveal in this, it was obvious that those scenes where taking place in the future, and I don’t mean “obvious” as “poorly written”, it wasn’t a secret or something, so I don’t understand this one
    b)there’s no such line as “Are you the bay harbor butcher?”, there was a “Are you a serial killer?” line. I was not so long ago, so I’m having trouble believing that the author even seen that episode ;) If he did, then in obviously wasn’t THAT mind blowing for him ;)

    • RussM

      @Hunier Actually she does have that line. She asks him in the second episode of season 7. If you don’t believe me what the first 10 minutes again. I believe it’s shortly after she runs out of the apartment and they are standing in front of the complex.

  • George

    Why you don’t have a spoiler tag on this article is beyond me. Thankfully I had seen them all as of now, but had I read this a month ago I wouldn’t have watched Breaking Bad yet. You should have some kind of spoiler tag before each section warning people to skip it if they haven’t finished the series or something.

  • Boopidobap

    I can’t believe the author didn’t put “I am the danger” or “I am the one who knocks”.

    Which were pretty much the most memorable lines of Breaking Bad so far.

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