Five New Shows We Are Looking Forward To In Late 2014


With Walking Dead wrapping up yesterday, and Game of Thrones starting next week, we can understand why some people might think the best TV of the year is already upon us. But people might be way off in assuming that. Reality is, there are a bunch of new shows, still yet to debut in 2014, and some of them have us really excited. Here are five new shows from 2014 we are still looking forward to.


Maybe we have a natural affinity toward these guys since interviewing them a month ago, but we are still really hyped up about Undateable. The cast are hilarious, the writers are tight, and the creator of the show is an absolute legend in television. Still gotta wait until Summer to see if it can live up to the hype.


This is another show that is just buzzing, Based on the Coen brothers amazing film, and featuring some real talent on and off screen, this new FX show is definitely one to get excited about. But can it possibly live up to the feature film it is based on? We will see.

Orphan Black (Season Two)

Okay, so maybe this one is not brand new, but there are still a good deal of people who aren’t watching Orphan Black, and we cannot figure out for the life of us why. Easily one of the best shows on TV right now.

Black Jesus

Not actually sure when this Adult Swim show from the Boondocks creator is coming out, but I know we are mad hyped about it. Details are slim, but I am sold on creator and title alone. Sorta like the TV version of “you had me at hello.”

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

This new HBO show featuring Daily Show and Community alumni, John Oliver, has us pretty excited. We love his snarky sense of humor, and him getting his own Daily Show like show is a sign that TV is heading the right direction. Plus, it is HBO, and we all know their TV track record.

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