Five Potential Replacements for Stephen Colbert


Chances are you’ve all heard about the news that longtime Comedy Central host and correspondent Stephen Colbert is leaving the network to take over for longtime late-night host, David Letterman.

While CBS hiring Colbert shakes up the airwaves and is a major splash in reply to NBC bringing on the younger, fresher Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno back in February, one question still remains—who will replace the comedian on Comedy Central?

Who really knows the answer? But here are a few suggestions who just might serve well.

5. Daniel Tosh

As the creator of one of Comedy Central’s most famous shows, Daniel Tosh might have to leave behind all of the crude, sophomoric videos and fan engagement that he currently has, but with the pull and creativity he has shown to have, Tosh could be a darkhorse candidate to replace Colbert.

Tosh would be tested to rely on more than just the Internet for his material, but with a stand-up career and penchant for doing nearly anything for a laugh, he could make his own talk show work well—while bringing along his already devout audience.

4. Nick Kroll

With credits like The League and Chappelle’s Show on his resume—including his own, current show on the network—comedian Nick Kroll as quite the pedigree and following amongst viewers.

Does Kroll have the appeal that Colbert has? When it comes to quick wit, probably not. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t bring new life and put a new spin to his own satirical show.

3. Adam Carolla

A longtime veteran on numerous Comedy Central shows—including a hosting gig on The Man Show—Adam Carolla might just be the best option for the network if it wants to score instant, national appeal.

With one of the most popular podcasts in his back pocket, a wealth of experience and a strong fan base, Carolla would be a wise move.

Two things working against him might be his male-driven material and crudeness—which some might find a bit off-putting for a full show—which may have been why some of his other gigs have flopped.

2. Joel McHale

Joel McHale being a serious candidate really depends on the fate of his TV show, Community, because if it should get renewed, he may not not have time to host yet another show.

The current and longtime host of E!’s The Soup has built his career of witty, snarky commentary, and his personality and humor would fit well with a late-night show, so he should be considered a strong candidate.

1. Larry Wilmore

As we’ve seen the network do in the past, why not just promote one of its own bright stars into the top spot?

Larry Wilmore has served as The Daily Show’s “Senior Black Correspondent” since 2006, and has proven himself to have similar traits and ideas as both Jon Stewart and Colbert.

He may be a bit of a darkhorse in some minds, but Wilmore might be the smoothest and most talented transition to help keep the satirical news alive.

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