Five Reasons Why This Season Has Been The Best Season Of Community Yet


I will say it now, and I will say it loud. I will climb to the tallest student union and scream it for all to hear. This season has been the best season of Community yet. The writing has been tight as a drum (and, dare I say it, one last time, streets ahead?). You can tell the cast feel like they are back at home after the abysmal previous season, and the new additions to the cast, as well as the revolving door of guest stars has been nothing short of perfection. Here are five reasons why this has been the best season of Community yet.

Dan Harmon is Back

Anyone who followed this show from the first episode can feel it. Daddy is back at home. We are no longer driving in circles, which is what last season felt like. The jokes are tighter, the cast is tighter, and it just feels like the Community we all first fell in love with.

The References are Better

All I am saying is, if you did not pick up on the Starburns “Zardoz” reference in the last episode, you almost have no place watching this show. Community is all about the pop culture references, and I will tell you, season four’s have been nothing short of brilliant.

Characters are Explored Deeper

How nice has it been to actually get to know and understand Abed better this season? As much as I hated to see Donald Glover leave, this gave the show a chance to focus on some characters on a more human level, and the end result has been me liking them even more. Oh, except for Britta. That “spoiler” thing she did was kind of mean.

Jonathan Banks

I am sorry, but Mike from Breaking Bad taking the place of Pierce, but being a completely different character, has worked SO well for the show. Just the Mike/Abed dynamic is remarkable and could be a show in itself. I will admit, I loved Jonathan Banks on BB was not sure how he would translate to Greendale. All I can say now is I cannot imagine the show without him.

They Dialed Chang Back (a Bit)

Listen, I liked Chang once, but after “Changnesia”, it is gonna take a lot for me to like the character again. I feel like the show knows this, and they have dialed back his former insanity quite a bit, which is working completely in the show’s favor.

Overall, with Dan the Man back in charge, this ship is sailing in the right direction again, and that makes me very happy.

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  • HawkeMan

    I agree. This season reminds of season 2 (the best in my opinion) and that’s saying a lot. Although I’m still not sure about the new characters just yet. Abed is by far the greatest part of Community so as long he’s around ill watch the show forever. But overall season 5 is cool…cool, cool, cool!