Five Reasons to Tune in To “God Befriended Me”

There should be a number of reasons to watch the new show God Friended Me, but just a few among them are listed below. Imagine if an atheist who is so outspoken about his views that he’s not afraid to voice them to the world went on Facebook. Okay so that’s nothing new, but now think about if God decided to answer back. Of course you might be thinking it would all be one giant hoax that no one in their right mind would fall for, but it might make an interesting TV show all the same. If the network can make this float then it might be worth the time and effort for people to watch.

It might be an eye-opening experience and a good time.

5. It tackles the constant issue of atheism and religion.

You might think that such things have been tackled and driven into the turf relentlessly time after time, but there’s always a new angle to take, a new spin to put on anything. The idea isn’t bad and in fact if could work if the writers and producers decide to really take a different direction and finally come up with something new that’s not too formulaic but still adheres to something that people might expect.

4. It adds humor to an otherwise typically volatile discussion.

Getting into a discussion with people about religion and atheism tends to make some folks hot under the collar and can spark a very real debate that could end in something resembling a holy war, depending on who you’re talking to. The likelihood that everyone is going to understand just what you’re trying to say can be diffused with humor, but you still need to know your audience.

3. It will use Facebook as a plot device.

Social media has been popping up throughout TV and film now for the past decade and more and has taken a very prominent role in driving the plot forward. Now that Facebook is such a big thing it could possibly be used to run the show for the most part and allow the rest of the elements to just fall into place around it. It wouldn’t have to center on Facebook, but being a prominent part of the show would make it interesting.

2. It will fit into the time slot vacated by The Mayor.

Apparently The Mayor hasn’t been doing so well in the ratings, and as a result most shows don’t last too long when this happens. God Friended me is going to be taking the time slot and seeing if if can do any better. So far the news of the show seems to be sparking interest and could give it the hype it needs moving forward.

1. It gives the star a new show to work with.

Brandon Michael Hall is apparently jumping ship from The Mayor to God Friended Me, which makes it seem as though The Mayor won’t be coming back anytime soon. It’d be a stretch to do both shows and not wear him out, so hopefully this new show will be something interesting to watch.

It doesn’t look like there’s a set date for the show to start, but more information should be coming soon.

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