Five Shows From Overseas You Need To Watch

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Sometimes I think we limit ourselves as TV watchers. We watch the shows that get handed to us, but never seek out shows from other countries that might just be amazing. That is why I decided to throw together this list of five shows from overseas you need to watch. I want to make a couple things clear before this list starts. There are not all current shows. A few of them are, yes. But some of these have long since been canceled. Still, between Netflix and Hulu, I promise you can find most of these, and you have no idea what you are doing of you miss out on these. Great TV is great TV, no matter where it is from.


This is what I would go so far as to call my favorite show of all time. Misfits is a brilliant show on Channel 4 in Britain about a group of, well, misfits, who are granted super powers during a freak electrical storm. While that may sound one note, the show is utterly genius at switching up stories, the pacing, and even the main characters. Would go so far as to say Nathan is my favorite TV character ever.

Top of the Lake

I know a great many people know about this show because Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men is the starring character. Top of the Lake could be called a lot of things. A mystery. A thriller. A seething drama. But above all else, it is a powerful show (miniseries) that will stick with you long after you stop watching.

Orphan Black

Alright, so maybe this is BBC America, but I still feel the need to point out how good this show is. Orphan Black is sci fi TV done right. Never watered down for the viewers, Orphan Black is an amazing show that everyone should be watching. If for no other reason, than to see just how remarkable Tatiana Maslany is in all her roles on this show.

The Fades

I know this is BBC America again, but if no one is watching it, than how can they know? The Fades is a supernatural teen show (think Buffy) about a boy who can see these weird demon creatures that are attempting to take over the world, but few others can see. It is very X-Files meets Shaun of the Dead, and I took The Fades quickly after the first episode. Give it a shot. I promise it will surprise you.

The Young Ones

It may have only lasted two years in the early eighties, but this is a show I never got over. Match the absurdity of Monty Python with a punk rock sensibility, and you have The Young Ones. One of the funniest and most under appreciated shows of all time.

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