Five Sketch Comedy Shows We Wish Still Existed

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Do you like sketch comedy shows? Shows like Saturday Night Live and Key and Peele? We do. Quite a bit, actually. We just like the insane energy it takes to make a show like that happen, and the insane amount of talent usually involved. But people sometimes forget that some of the greatest minds in TV and film have come from sketch comedy shows. We decided it might be fun to go back through the years and get nostalgic about some sketch comedy shows we wish were still on TV.

The State

This MTV sketch comedy show has given us a lot of stars (Michael Ian Black, to name just one), but definitely did not last long enough. I always wondered what would have happened if The State was truly given the time it needed to shine. You know the impact of this show is still felt by the people you hear quote it daily. My name’s Doug, and I am outttttttaaaaa herrrreeeeeee.

The Ben Stiller Show

Leave it to Fox to cancel this brilliant show filled with an insane amount of talent (seriously, look up the cast). It is fun to look this show up on Youtube and see Ben Stiller laying the groundwork for what would go on to be some of his best bits. Him playing Tom Cruise as one perfect example.

Kids in the Hall

I squish your head. Do I even need to say anything more than that? I think not.

Upright Citizen’s Brigade

I can say, in all confidence, that UCB was the greatest sketch comedy show of all time. Seriously. So well written, it doesn’t surprise me it didn’t last longer. Actually, that makes sense. From Freaks and Geeks to Lucky Louie, get, well written shows seem to always get the axe long before their time.

In Living Color

Or as I like to call it in my head, The  Jim Carey show. The Chappelle Show ALMOST beat this out, but then I remembered “Fire Marshall Bill”, and it became clear who the true winner was.

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