Five Terrible Old Shows That Need Ironic Remakes

tom green

Looking back through TV history, there are dozens and dozens of awful shows that people have just somehow managed to forget about. Mainly because they were awful. But I was thinking, with all the other shows getting remakes and reboots, why not remake some bad shows. Remake them with a sense of irony, that is. Remake them so they know they are bad and can have fun poking fun at themselves (the way the Brady Bunch movies made fun of the show). Here are five terrible old shows that need ironic remakes.

My Mother the Car

Yes, this was a show. A man’s doting Mother dies, and possesses his vehicle. Again, not kidding. This really happened. Now imagine this show if it was aware of how insane and dark its concept was. So much insane fun could be had. The car could be like an over-protective Mother, messing up his dates and stuff. I could see this on Adult Swim.


Again, this one is real. An old show about a guy who could turn into a bunch of animals to fight crime. Now how about we remake Manimal, but in this version, he has NO control over what animal he actually turns in to?  Imagine this dude trying to chase a thief and he turns into a sloth. I mean, come on, you would watch that.

Cop Rock

God, I love bringing this show up. Yes, there was a nineties show that was a cop drama that was also part musical. How about some genius like Seth McFarlane remakes this show, only makes the songs funny and self-aware? This could be everything we wished Glee was.

The Tom Green Show

How weird would it be for them to reboot this show with the same guy? Bring him back on, do all the same stuff, only now he is 45, so it would be even weirder and harder to watch.


I am telling you, Alf needs to be brought to a new generation. As self aware as the original was, they need to up that to the point of self satire. I really do think this world needs another furry alien that eats cats. That has been a very specific void left in TV.

Okay, so those are my five. What do you think are some terrible old shows that need ironic remakes? Take to the comments and let us know.

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