Five Things You Didn’t Know about Adrian Molina

Many dazzling elements exists in Pixar’s latest production “Coco.” The first time co-director, Adrian Molina has a story to tell concerning his first work. He started off as a Pixar storyboard artist and managed to work his away into directing one of the most successful animated films in history.  His admiration of Disney animators began at a young and has assisted him in becoming who he is today.  Speaking of who he is, here are five things you might not know about Adrian Molina.

Producing ‘Coco’ was a dream-come-true

The film’s producer explains that it was a dream to feature in the Pixar while creating the Dia de Muertos film. He confesses to having had the urge to work with the co-director Lee Unkrich, the producer of Toy Story 3. His yearning was based on the hunger for producing a story that could fully embrace the culture of Mexicans. He intended to translate the visually rich perspective and beauty in de Muertos into powerful images that are characterized by celebration.

Source of inspiration

Adrian asserts that films like “Billy Elliot” with a powerful scene that focuses on the young boy protagonist aided him in deciding to express the details of Miguel’s expression through making him watch his hero. Through this, he could deliver his message of his passion for music. Miguel scrunches his face when playing guitar, an attribute inspired by his visage as he started playing the guitar in the film.

Rules connecting the characters in living skeleton face in the movie

The characters in a movie appear with a skeleton face in the movie, which is quite ironical. According to Molina, the skeletons are meant to the family and loved ones, the acquaintances. The main idea is making the skeleton feel like friends and families. Some family members that Miguel comes across as skeletons in the land of the dead are people that he sees as photos in the land of the living. More likeness is posed by the bone structure. It makes one think harder using overlays making sure that the dead version looks exactly like themselves in the living state.

The biggest animation challenge

Film production was not without challenge. Many complicated moments featured in the film. During pitching and creation of the film, one is never sure of the possibility of success. The skeletons are just but an example. In some instances, the skeleton pieces will fall apart completely and come back together in so many pieces. Thus, keeping track becomes challenging. It takes artistic minds to continue working on.

Tips for creativity

The main idea behind every character and scene is making sure the audience feels what the characters are feeling in the film. His main idea is to make one understand what they are doing consciously. He says that his main idea behind every scene is to keep you thinking of what would happen next when the film stops in that instance, to make you aching to know the next episode. Telling a good story with an equal flow of thoughts requires both understanding and empathy. Molina understands that people have a limited amount of time on the screen and the only means to capture them is through thoughtful ideas that keep the eyes stuck on the screen through a timeless movie.

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