Five Things You Didn’t Know About “Fairly OddParents”

“The Fairly Odd Parents” has been around for 11 seasons and it’s made us laugh and the crazy situations that Timmy Turner finds himself in the middle of. The fairy godparents are more helpful than his biological folks and although this has been a bizarre twist since the beginning, we’ve gotten used to it and jut learned to accept it as a part of the show. Butch Hartman has done a great job in creating the popular animated series and he’s introduced enough new materials to keep it interesting and entertaining for all age groups throughout the years. Even if you’ve been a die hard fan throughout the years, here are five things that you probably didn’t know about the show.

1. The name of the show has changed

When doing a bit of research, we discovered that “The Fairly Oddparents” was not the original name for the show. The first edition was titled “The Fairly GodParents.” The change was made when the new series was still being tweaked by the creator, and Hartman also decided that Wanda needed to undergo an evolution as well. Her hair wasn’t pink, it was blue and her name wasn’t Wanda either, it was Venus.

2. Timmy almost didn’t get his pink hat

We’ve all come to love Timmy Turner and his odd little ways. One of the most endearing things about him is the fact that he dearly loves his little pink hat. Hartman’s original conception of the animated character, had him sporting a blue hat, which made sense because of his gender, but as he was making the initial sketches, the blue marker that he was using ran dry. He grabbed a pink one for the time being and decided that the look was novel and it made the character far more interesting so he stuck with it. This was just one of the many changes that took place when the creator was working on the formative process of the character development.

3. Mr. Crocker was inspired by the movie “Splash”

Hartman shared that when he was developing Denzel Crocker, he turned to the character that actor Eugene Levy played in the 1984 hit film “Splash.” Crocker was created for a different cartoon was working on, but since they needed a bad guy for “Fairly OddParents,” and he’d already finished work on Crocker, he would just use what he had in his possession.

4. Timmy Turner’s name has a unique history

The creator of Timmy Turner decided to honor his little brother, who’s name is Timmy Hartman by naming the character after him. Originally, the character was to have the last name Taylor, but thanks to the popular television sitcom “Home Improvement,” starring Tim Allen, the Tim Taylor name was already taken. He changed the surname to Turner and it all turned out for the best for everyone.

5. You should recognize Wanda from another cartoon

The character Wanda bears a lot of similarities to Wilma Flintstone of the Hanna-Barbera comic and cartoon “The Flintstones.” Hartman based the character on this popular character, but sketched in a few changes that made it look less obvious that this was what he had done.

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