Five Things You Didn’t Know About MTV’s “Amazingness”

We remember how Rob Dyrdek’s show “Ridiculousness” focused on the epic fails of people, but he’s flipped a 360 with his new presentation titled “Amazingness.” The new show that premiered on Dec 8, is all about the amazing things that people are capable of. The show airs on the MTV network and it’s brand new, so here are five things that you didn’t know about the show but really should.

The show is all about competition

Participants on the show are chosen from both viral talent and amateurs who will compete against one another to gain the lead position. The opening act performs and is placed in the number one position. It is up to the next succession of contestants to knock them of of their thrones by delivering a more outstanding performance. These are judged performances and Dyrdek works with the panel to make the decision about who remains in the lead and who is dropped to an inferior level.

The judges are all celebrities themselves

The men and women deciding the outcome of the competition are all celebrities. So far, the panel consists of Krystal Bee, Eddie Huang and Drama, along with the host Rob Dyrdek. Although these are very serious competitions, because there is $10,000 as a grand prize riding on the outcome for the winner, there is a lot of silliness and comedy interjected throughout the competition.

There are age restrictions for participants

According to the requirements that are listed on the casting call, there are strict age limits for groups applying to become contestants on the show. You must be between the ages of 18 to 26. You must also be legally eligible to work in this country. You also must submit a headshot in order to be considered. Casting is currently closed for this season, so there isn’t any way to apply in advance. If the show is a success, there may be opportunities open in the future.

Not just anyone can get tickets to attend the live shows

In order to even purchase tickets to be a member of the studio audience, you must be 18 years of age or older. We’re assuming because there are big plans to create a rowdy and irreverent party atmosphere. This is going to be an adult type of humor and we’ve gotten the message loud and clear that no kids are allowed on the stage or in the audience. This may influence the opinions of some parents on whether to allow their teens to view the program.

“Amazingness” is a companion show

MTV ordered the production of “Amazingness” to be a companion show to its sister show, “Ridiculousness.” One show will offset the other by being total opposites, but the one thing that you can depend on from both, is a ribald type of humor that is likely to be hilarious, but not intended for the ears of young children. From all appearances, MTV was onto something good, because the shows are perfect complements to one another, and if MTV has a little luck, they’ll draw a healthy audience in which one feeds off the other.

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