Five Things To Know about Netflix’s “The Innocents”

Netflix is at it again with a show that’s set to charge people up once more with a supernatural lean that angles into the drama pool while tugging at the heartstrings and enticing people to watch as the story unfolds in a particularly mysterious manner. The streaming giant is becoming quite good at luring people in and has so far managed to keep most of the promises that its shows have made by keeping people entertained and wanting more. Among the newest of their attractions, The Innocents is one that shows a lot without telling a lot right off the bat.

So are you ready to dive into the experience?

5. It will star actors that are virtually unknown.

The lead actors have been seen in a few smaller productions but have not yet been deemed as mainstream material, at least not enough that they’re well known and can command the attention of the audience. But given that they have supporting actors that have been around and a story that should be able to draw in a crowd it should be a workable series that can entertain an audience.

4. It will star Guy Pearce.

He’s been bouncing around from big films to smaller productions for a while now and has been used both magnificently as well as poorly depending on the film. He’s a bigger name than he gets credit for and tends to bring a lot of experience to any production. He’s also one of the few actors that can transform himself in such a way as to appear to be someone else entirely or play to his strengths with his own looks and personality.

3. It’s a supernatural drama.

While you might get the gist of the show from the synopsis there is still a lot about it that isn’t bound to be revealed until you watch the show. This is the trademark of those that know how to keep people in suspense until it’s time to finally reveal what the show is all about and what the people can expect in the following episodes. That alone speaks highly of the show as it is holding back just enough to keep people waiting for what might come next.

2. It will debut this year.

There’s no set date for the release of the show just yet but that makes it even more exciting as eager Netflix fans will have to wait and anticipate just when it will be coming out. The wait should be worth it according to the trailers that have been released as the show already looks like it might be something special.

1. It will run for eight episodes. 

Right now it’s unknown if the show will run for more than one season since the audience reaction need to be taken into account. In many ways the viewers are responsible for determining whether a show will have more than one season based on their reactions and their desire to see more. Judging from what has been seen however it’s still up in the air as to whether the show will be a one-off or not.

It looks promising at least.

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