Five TV Shows You Forgot About (But Shouldn’t Have)

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The thing about TV most don’t talk about it just how much comes and goes. We get new shows, every year, and these box out the room we have in our brain for some older shows that may not have been that remarkable. Now that I write for an established TV site, I spend more and more time in my brain thinking about actual television, and this has caused me to remember some TV shows you forgot about. Here is a list of five TV shows you forgot about (but shouldn’t have)

Amazing Stories

A show produced by Spielberg that focuses on telling individual stories (that ranged from funny to science fiction to scary), Amazing Stories was one of the best shows ever. From the talent who worked on the show, to the power of the stories they were telling (plus that AMAZING intro), you should look this one up on Netflix, right now.

Harry and the Hendersons

I am sorry, but I loved the movie this show was based off, and I loved how well the show captured the spirit of the film. Yes, this was a show about a family who kept a Bigfoot as a pet. And yes, it is exactly as awesome as I just made it sound. Granted, it has aged a bit, but still cool to see how insane TV used to be.

The Ben Stiller Show

Yup, Ben Stiller used to have a sketch comedy show, and it was a riot. Just the talent on board for this show displayed just how ahead of the curve it was. Buy this show if you ever find the DVD’s. Seriously, you will thank me later.

Earthworm Jim

I know I am cheating by mentioning cartoons, but this cartoon based off the awesome video game captured the irreverent tone of the game perfectly, and was an absolute blast.

Homeboys in Space

Okay, we all forgot this one for good reason. It was an awful, awful show that had no place ever existing. The thing is, if you watch it now, it is like a horrible B-movie. It is so bad that it somehow crosses over into self satire and ends up being good. Well, not good in the literal sense, but good in the “I cannot look away from this train wreck” sense.

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  • Mesnard

    Surprised to see no comments here. I am completely on-board with Amazing Stories and Ben Stiller as legitimate shows. The latter is almost as unintentionally hilarious seeing how old Fox tv shows had to have the “modern” look in the bumpers and etc. They totally embraced the late ’90s.

    I can’t give an opinion for Earthworm Jim, but I agree with all the other statements. It’s good to see things reviewed in perspective.