Five TV Shows I Would Not Mind Seeing Made Into Movies

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I think we can all admit that when TV shows become movies, it rarely works. Look at The Flintstones movies, or the Honeymooners movie if you want some prime examples of this. The whole reason most shows work so well is the format. You give us one small burst and then give us a week to mull it over before you give us another one. Not too much, not too little. The problem is, the film format is quite different from the movie format. Instead of 30-60 minutes, you get a straight 90-120 minute run. Also, no commercial breaks or time to give the audience to mull until AFTER it is over. Regardless of all those differences, here are five TV shows I would not mind seeing made into movies.

Game of Thrones

Ok, so HBO has no commercials, the show has a huge budget already, and HBO can put as much blood and nudity as they want, so why a movie of Game of Thrones be any different from what we already get? Well, truth is, it would probably be twice as long. On that premise alone, I would be sold. Plus, rumor is this is actually happening.


I know I have said I don’t know how this would work as a whole movie before, but with today’s news that the show may be going under, I had to be honest. Yes, I would love to see a Community movie. I don’t think they would need to be racy or anything, just because they were on a big screen. Again, I just think it would be cool to spend ninety minutes with these people rather than 22.


Misfits is a BBC show that started out in 2009, and I can honestly say its first two seasons are my favorite seasons of any show of all time. Seriously. This show was exciting, hilarious, cutting edge, progressive, and just a great example of sci fi and teen drama handled perfectly. I would love to see what they could do if they could turn this into a film. Maybe flesh out the story some more and give us a proper conclusion to one of the best BBC series of all time?

Arrested Development

The rumor around this one becoming an actual movie still seems to loom as something that could happen. The Netflix revival recently sure did not hurt this show’s chances of becoming a feature film. I just think this show is wickedly creative and would be super curious to see how they chose to film it (chronologically) and present it to us. I feel like it could be a game changer for the Bluth family.


A lame eighties show about a dude who looked like Thomas Jane who could turn himself into any animal he needed to be to help fight crime and stuff? So much cheese, this could be the best B-movie ever, and why no one has made a Manimal movie yet is seriously beyond me. I may go write the script myself right now.

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