Five Undeniably Catchy Opening Themes To TV Shows


I notice there only seem to be two kinds opening themes for TV shows: the ones that forever etch themselves into your mind and never leave, and the ones that stink. There is never a middle ground. I have decided to do some deliberating on behalf of this site and come up with a list of what I think to be five undeniably catchy theme songs. Keep in mind, to keep this list from being thousands of words, we are focusing mainly on shows that have some out post-2000.

The Office

There is something so fun about the instrumental opening theme to the American version of The Office. In a thirty second song, it manages to capture how kooky this entire show and everyone on it is. Also, proof that minimalist intros can work just as well or orchestral. Speaking of orchestral…

Game of Thrones

You knew this one had to be on here. Sort of the polar opposite of The Office theme, it is huge and forboding, but in the best way possible. Game of Thrones theme is another example of a show that has an intro theme that SOUNDS like the show FEELS. That cannot be an easy thing to pull off.

Breaking Bad

While not epic, and not exactly the song we would catch ourselves humming out loud, few can deny that the bleak, dark acoustic guitar of the Breaking Bad intro set the tone for the show perfectly. Also, extra points for being quick and to the point.


Confession time. When this show started, I did not like the theme. I really didn’t. Not sure why, but slowly over time, it really grew on me. Now I sing “I can’t tell if there’s reasons I should stay, one by one, they all just fade away” at least once a week in my shower. Sorry for providing that visual.


“Louie, Louie, you’re gonna die!” Has there ever been a more nihilist opening to a comedy show ever? No, no there hasn’t. THAT is just what makes it so spectacular and so subversive.

[Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO]

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