Five Unforgettable Bad Guys from TV

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The line between good and bad has really blurred lately on TV. Where once the good guys wore white and the bad guys wore black, it is not so cut and dry now. Now we have complex bad guys who sometimes show some good, and complex good guys who sometimes show some bad. But still, there are certain characters you think of when you think of bad guys on TV. Even if a few of these characters (and shows) are no longer with us, there are the bad guys who we will always think of when we associate bad guys and television.Here are five unforgettable bad guys from TV.

Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad

Yes, this show was full of bad guys. But Gus was the one that seemed to have the most impact on people. Ruthless, cunning, and made one helluva fried chicken. Gus was the guy who helped push Walter White from hero in antihero territory. A great bad guy in a show filled with them.

The Governor from The Walking Dead

Oh, if you think The Governor from The Walking Dead show was bad, you may want to pick up the comic and see what he was truly capable of. Even in being watered down for TV, he was still a calculated killer who would do anything to stay in power. Including killing those he loved most. Met a fitting end, though.

King Joffrey from Game of Thrones

What an awful, awful person. From the moment he took Ned Stark’s head, he has been one of the most hated bad guys on TV, and expect that hatred to only grow and grow once you see some of the stuff he does in the next season. More of a punk than a pure bad guy, Joffrey needs to be slapped by Tyrion about a thousand more times. Thank god someone made a gif of that.

Ben Linus ( and Cohesive Storytelling) from Lost

Alright, Ben may have been an awesome bad guy, but I need to pick the real enemy apart here. It seems the real enemy on Lost was cohesive storytelling. I know the whole idea of the show was to jump around and tell small sections of cryptic stories to keep people intrigued. But this show did not wrap up as tightly as it could have, which left a lot of Lost fans feeling Lost. I still can’t forget Ben Linus’ crazy eyes, so he makes the list.

The Chicken from Family Guy

Seriously, name one other character who immediately gets into epic brawls every time they walk on screen? The chicken may be animated, but the chicken is a special kind of ruthless. He is chicken served with a side of constant, unwavering rage.

So who do you think the most unforgettable bad guys from TV are? Take to the comments and let us know.

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  • Crystal McMillan

    Stringer Bell from “The Wire”. he made being bad look good.