Flea Explains His Unplugged Bass at the Super Bowl


Man, everyone was SO mad that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were obviously not playing plugged in instruments at the Super Bowl. All over my Facebook feed were various posts about people being disgusted with the band. But let me ask a quick question before I get into this. Why? We know these guys can play, and especially Flea. No one seems to question whether or not he can play. The guy is a powerhouse on the bass guitar. So why were people so mad? Well, that’s how people are now. We just find a reason to be mad at everything. Thing is, in this case, we have a follow up. An official statement. Yes, Flea explains his unplugged bass at the Super Bowl.

The whole letter is here, if you want to read it for yourself. I will tell you the gist of it, though. It was the Super Bowl’s rules. The actual Red Hot Chili Peppers wanted nothing to do with miming their instruments, but the show is serious and they do not want to deal with potential sound issues. Plus, at that point, there were so many voices and instruments on stage, that it would have ended up being little more than noise.

In the same breath, Flea wants everyone to chill. Anthony was singing live with Bruno Mars, and the version being played was recorded earlier that day by the band for the show specifically. Also, they wanted to rep their own live shows, and that is just what they did. High energy, high levels of fun, and great music. So really, why is everyone so mad? They brought the funk, and they gave us a great half time show. Plus, after the whole Janet Jackson debacle, we thinks the Super Bowl gets pretty nervous around half time.

All in all, we think it went great. Also, huge props for Flea taking the time to tell people what’s up.

[Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty]

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