The Best of ‘Flight of the Conchords’

Sam McPherson December 10, 2009 0

The sheep will never land.

The season two finale (now series finale) of Flight of the Conchords ended with character Jemaine Clemaine (Jemaine Clement) tossing a sheep into the air, then staring at the camera when the sheep failed to come back down. This strangely comedic ending for an equally strange show was very fitting. The final episode, “Evicted,” saw Bret (Bret McKenzie) and Jemaine (along with their manager Murray Hewitt, played by Rhys Darby) deported back to New Zealand after two seasons’ worth of adventuring in New York.

McKenzie and Clement, along with co-creator James Bobin, confirmed on Thursday that Conchords has officially landed, and that “Evicted” would be the last episode of the HBO series, which premiered back in 2007. “We’ve noticed the less we say about the future of the show, the more people want to talk about it, so in an effort to reverse this trend we are today announcing that we won’t be returning for a 3rd season. We’re very proud of the two seasons we made and we like the way the show ended. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the show and also everyone who watched it,” they issued in a statement.

The series has spawned two successful companion albums (the eponymous Flight of the Conchords and I Told You I Was Freaky), which served as soundtracks to the first and second seasons, respectively.

However, don’t think you’ve seen the last of the Conchords. The real-life band, comprised of McKenzie and Clement, had a long and productive career before they ever appeared on television, with their song “Robots” becoming an Internet sensation long before the band was a household name.

While the characters Bret and Jemaine will no longer be around, the real Bret and Jemaine will continue to exist,” they confirmed in the aforementioned statement, implying that the Conchords are nowhere near done making the hilarious tunes that made them famous.

Here’s a look back at our favorite moments from the series short but fruitful run.

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