“Fortitude” on Sky Network: Five Things You Didn’t Know

“Fortitude” is the hit television series that started out as a Sky network science fiction thriller that is the equivalent of “Twin Peaks” in the Arctic. It’s a show that has the capacity to creep out even the most steely viewers. It has just been renewed for a third season and is now available on Amazon. Here are five things that you didn’t know about the series.

1. Simon Donald is the creator

Simon Donald is the master-mind behind the series. He is known for his previous work “Low Winter Sun.” He is also th writer bahind the series and we discover that he is capable of some sinister thoughts as the episodes unfold to give us some of the most creepy viewing experiences of our lives. If horror is your favorite genre, then “Fortitude” with its close knit community of Arctic dwellers who endure the horrors that ensue after a mysterious death will fit the bill nicely. Stanley Tucci, Michale Gambon, Sofie Grabol and Christopher Eccleston help to bring the terror to life as major characters in the series.

2. “Fortitude” is an international sensation

The Sky network is a large Eurpoean pay tv network and “Fortitude” has been one of its most highly anticipated shows of the decade. It is available to moe than 20 million pay tv customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Austria and Germany. This show is the only original program that has premiered at the same time across the five European markets since the creation of the Sky network. it is one of a kind in many different ways.

3. Viewership is on the rise for the popular series with even more countries catching the wave

Having two seasons under its belt, “Fortitude” has exploded on the scene with its international spread. The launch on Sky TV was a tremendous success, but it also made it to more than 47 million households in the United States as well as throughout Europe. It is also availabe of superchannel in Canada as well as in France, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland and Iceland thanks to Sky Vision which is the international component of the Sky network.

4. “Fortitude” is unique from other series

In a chat with the Sky director of entertainment Stuart Murphy, we learn that this particular show has set some serious records and that it is a cinematic drama that is on a scale with no other, and this isn’t just hype for sales. The orders are already coming in without the need for exaggerated promotion. This is how good the how really is and how well it has been received world-wide. The company anticipates some hefty returns from the recent activity and the speculation that there wouldn’t be a third season was something that didn’t make a lot of sense.

5. There is a connection to “Game of Thrones”

No wonder this series is so wildly popular. Three of the major actors also starred in the big HBO hit television series “Game of Thrones.” Richard Dormer, Jessica Henwick and Michelle Fairley are all together again for roles in “Fortitude.”

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