Fox Developing New Sci-Fi Series Nod From Detroit 1-8-7 Producer

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Fox is developing a new sic-fi series, and it definitely sounds like something you wouldn’t want to sleep through.

The network has confirmed that it is currently working on a new science fiction show called Nod, based on the Adrian Barnes novel of the same name. The book and the potential series are about  the majority of the world’s population losing its ability to sleep; however, for some unknown reason, people are not getting tired.

Nod will be written and executive produced by Jason Richman, who created both the ill-fated Lucky 7 and Detroit 1-8-7. The series’ pilot focus on Tanya and Paul, an “intersominial couple.” Paul still feels the urge and need to sleep, while Tanya is able to live without it, making her one of “the Awakened” (which sounds a bit cult-like, doesn’t it?).

Fox appears to be promising much internal conflict between the characters that will be outweighed by the sci-fi mystery premise of the show, according to the series logline.

“But when signs of deprivation start to show among the Awakened,” Nod‘s logline states, “the bonds of friendship and love get tested in unexpected ways… because if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Hopefully, Nod will be a good enough pilot that Fox will order it to series, since the network, which is famous for canning sci-fi shows after one season (see this year’s Almost Human or, more famously, Firefly), has not had a good science fiction show since Fringe ended its five-season run back in January 2013.

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