FOX Drops First Full Length Trailer for 24: Live Another Day

24 is going back to its roots when it returns for its 12-episode miniseries, it seems. FOX has just premiered the first full length trailer for Live Another Day, and we get to see Jack Bauer speak for the first time in years. We learn that this time around the plot is that Bauer is being hunted by well, everyone, including his old organization CTU (full of new people since nearly every was killed off), all the while trying to stop an assassination attempt on US President James Heller in London.

24 was arguably at its best in season one with a similar plot, Bauer trying to stop David Palmer’s death, but that had more of a twist. In season one he was actually supposed to kill Palmer, lest his family be killed. Now, he just wants to save the day to do the right thing. Though this is only a minute long spot, so there could be more to the story than we see here.

It seems like the only person he can rely on is Chloe, now all Dragon Tattooed-out, and probably off the grid herself. I’m wondering if Kim Bauer will reappear, as we already know Audrey Raines returns.

I don’t know exactly how this will go, but I’m excited all the same.

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