Why “Friday Night Tykes” Shouldn’t Exist As A TV Show


Can we take a moment to talk about the new show on the Esquire Network, Friday Night Tykes? This is a show that takes you inside the “grown up world of youth football” that takes place in Texas. You know, the state where football is a religion? Yes. Basically, this show is going to be a reality show (sort of a mini-series) that shows just how serious adults take all football out there, and the toll that takes on the kids who are born into it and have no choice. I will tell you why show shouldn’t be on.

Because as you will see when you watch Friday Night Tykes, is kids being treated like adults. I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean the pressure these kids are put under is very much akin to what you see involving college football. Everything from the brawling parents to the training that would kill some people half their age, Friday Night Tykes is another show that will focus a spotlight on people and a lifestyle that most of us wont understand, and most of us don’t want to.

The one good that could come from this show is people could see just how messed up it is out there and just how much pressure those kids are under and realize they need to reassess and just let these kids be kids.

[Photo via Esquire]


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