Friends Season 11 and Movie Debunked


Friends season 11 on the way?  Not yet.  In fact, not ever according to co-creator Marta Kauffman.  News—and apparently unreliable—outlet Star Media released a report claiming that NBC was planning a revival of the wildly successful sitcom for the 2014 TV season, but Marta Kauffman spoke with E! News and show the rumor dead assuring that the original cast—Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer—will not be reprising their roles as reported by Star Media.

E! News caught up with Marta Kauffman and had the opportunity to clear up the rumor.  Seems like Kauffman was all too willing to do so. “I’m going to clear this up right now — no, it’s not happening!”  Kauffman stated emphatically.  She recounted becoming aware of the rumor while at a bar with the former Friends costume designer.  Kauffman, who co-created the show with David Crane, was caught off guard by the rumor.

Well, how about a Friends movie?  Nothing doing.  Kauffman went on to explain that unlike other franchises such as Sex and the City and Entourage, Friends simple did not leave itself open for sequels or movies.  The very substance of the show forbids it.  “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore,” she explained. “I’d rather people go, ‘Oh, please! Please!’ than ‘I can’t believe you did that. It was horrible.'”

For her part, Jennifer Aniston, 44, had addressed the idea of a feature film before in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter in 2012.  “I can’t imagine what that would be. It’s not normal. Friends is in your living room; Friends is not in a movie theater. It doesn’t make sense to me. I think it would be going against its authentic self.”

Matthew Perry addressed the longevity of the show in a 2012 interview with Us Weekly. “I think people just loved it, you know? It was really good writing, really good acting, over a very long period of time, and that’s rare,” he said. “It was just a different era in television. Thirty million people were watching it every week which, you know, is insane. That will probably never happen again.”

While the Friends cast may never reunite in their previous incarnation, they do continue to actively support one another’s projects since the show came to a close.  Courtney Cox recently appeared on Matthew Perry’s Go On at NBC.  LeBlanc will appear on the new season of Kudrow’s Web Therapy on Showtime, Cox and Schwimmer have already appeared on the series.  Jennifer Aniston has made several guest appearances on Cox’s Cougar Town and Dirt.

So there may never be any new Friends material, but it seems the old material is holding together just fine.  The show remains a hit and syndication and the fact that it is still generating buzz worthy rumors speaks for itself, I suppose.

Of course still hopeful fans will point out that although Kauffman has come down against a Friends season 11 and feature film, Crane has not addressed the rumors.  Is there still hope?  Probably not.  (Well, probably definitely not).



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