Full House is Not Happening But Discussions Are: Even Jeff Franklin Says So

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Well, we’ll admit it.  We were fooled.  Or perhaps we were just too hopeful and wanted a return to the childhoods of our youth.  It turns out that all evidence of a return of the famed series Full House was simply part of an April Fool’s gag.  Uproxx did the research and it turns out all sources (even those we checked out) never really had their own “source.”  So what happened today was just a wildfire produced out of the hopes and dreams that creator Jeff Franklin was up to a modern day spin off of the series.

Uproxx has also located the technical source of where these rumors got started.  According to them,   “all of the stories link to a post dated October 27, 2013 at a site called Disney Treasures. But when you click on the “Newport Gazette” link in the Disney Treasures text, it goes not to an interview in a publication called The Newport Gazette, but rather to this image.

In conclusion Uproxx stated, “So, to recap: Multiple outlets are reporting the existence of a hot new show based on a seven month old April Fool’s joke that was completely plagiarized by some shady knockoff Disney merchandise site and posted as BREAKING NEWS, and the whole thing could have been prevented with a grand total of 30 seconds worth of research.”

Guys, can you really blame the world of folks in their 30s who absolutely miss the “How Rudes” or Olsen Twins in what we’d consider their primes?  A young John Stamos and Lori Loughlin?  Bob Saget and his hair.  Dave Coulier and his horrible impressions?  Hey, at least we had hope for one day.  Just one day of the notion it might be possible.   I guess deep down maybe we all know it wasn’t meant to be.

UPDATE:  Jeff Franklin posted this on his Twitter account 12 min ago. “discussions” are going on but that’s all they are, these new series rumors are misleading and false but it’s great that people still care!!”

Image via Jeff Franklin’s Twitter


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