FXX Gains Temporary Boost With ‘Simpsons’ Marathon


Let’s get this out of the way. FXX’s Simpsons Marathon was enormously popular, both in demo and in actual viewers. It propelled the network to winning the primetime and main day demos for more than an entire week, while in actual viewers it was propelled all the way from the number 49 network to the number 7 network for the week. The ratings boost was enormous, both in actual numbers and in percentage, and it is all thanks to the enduring popularity of The Simpsons, who are now coming up on their twenty-sixth season and looking forward to propelling themselves ever onwards, as the cultural icon they have become. The marathon was an incredible success and brought a great deal of attention to the wayward cable network FXX.

It remains to be seen how much of that success will be turned into any meaningful, lasting viewership however. FXX is not a network that has a long-watching, attached group of viewers, and it needed to make a good impression on visiting audiences. There is sure to be a moderate boost with the constant circulation of the Simpsons on the network now, but that won’t be enough to increase the fortunes of an entire network. They will have to rely on attracting viewers to their new comedies and other shows. Hopefully FXX had sufficient opportunity to attract a wider audience by previewing its shows during commercial breaks of the massive, 552 episode and 1 movie marathon, otherwise it may all be remembered as nothing more than a simple publicity stunt that brought in a week’s worth of good ratings for the network.

[Photo via FOX]

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