Game of Thrones and Kittens: Your Day Has Just Been Made Better

I am a sucker for a good mash-up. Any time some brilliant soul on the internet decides to mash up two great things into one great thing, if it works and it is TV related, it ends up here. Today brings the awesome by mashing up Game of Thrones and kittens. Yes, that’s right. A sort of Game of Thrones re-imagining with kittens in place of the stars. I mean, what do I even say about something that so obviously speaks for itself?

I could tell you this Game of Thrones and kittens mash up is cute, but anyone even looking at the title of this article could have figured this out. I could tell you we would watch it if it was real, but I think you all already know that, too. Truthfully, stuff like this is exactly why the internet is awesome. Big shout-out to the Pet Collective for making this us. It is so good, it may have added years to our life.

So I have to ask, which Game of Thrones character do you think makes the cutest cat? Tough call, right? I mean, in all honesty, I would want an entire litter of cats I could keep around and name after Game of Thrones characters. I guess I am just the young man equivalent of that weird old lady who lives at the end of your street and has like 30 cats. I take no shame in that. I also take no shame in saying Game of Thrones and kittens just made my day.

Hope it made yours, too.


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