Gaming For Primetime – Six Video Games That Would Conquer TV

jonian August 4, 2010 3

The TV world has brought numerous literary figures to the small screen, and more than its fair share of super-heroes, yet – outside of animation – has largely ignored the video game circuit. As gamers and gaming technology have become more and more sophisticated, these controller jockeys have become more and more demanding when it comes to the immersiveness of their software. Game publishers have responded by creating intricate mythologies and multi-dimensional categories that have made the video-game a unique dramatic medium, rivaling the big screen, and often overshadowing the quality of what comes out of our televisions when the console is turned off. TVOvermind took a look at just a few video games we feel would make it as weekly shows. Yes, we realize the budgetary considerations, not to mention the licensing deals, would probably blow any of these ideas out of the water – but a geek can dream, can’t he?

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  • Llegaronparaquedarse

    Fallout and Alan Wake series would be sweet!!Also I think a Metal Gear Solid show or even a Gears of War one (the second game had a more elaborated stoy with some emotive and surprise moments) would kick ass! (specially MGS)

  • Anonymous

    That's because every time it's been tried before the game was squeezed into a 2 hour movie event, which can never really work. Think about it. A game's storyline is interwoven through 20+ hours of gameplay at minimum. Even the subplots you find along the way are integral to making the overall storyline work. Cut all that out and it's a challenge to name ANY game's story that makes sense. Except maybe Zelda.

  • yo!

    liam neson should play the father! he was both the model and the voiceactor of fallout 3's "dad"