Gossip Girl Star Patrick Heusinger To Star in NBC’s Tin Man

Remy Carreiro December 10, 2013 0


I won’t lie. When I first heard NBC had ordered a show called The Tin Man, I was genuinely excited that it might be a show about the Tin Man from Oz trying to make it in modern day life. I imagined all the hilarious scenarios he would get into it, and it had me giddy with delight. A little research showed me the truth about NBC’s Tin Man, though. This is a drama set in the future about robots. Oh wait, that still sounds pretty awesome, actually.

Hollywood Deadline has the story, but we can tell you the long and the short. Patrick Heusinger, from Gossip Girl and Royal Pains plays a robot who has been accused of murdering a human (a big no-no in the future, from what I have seen and read in sci-fi), but the story in NBC’s Tin Man has much more to it than that. Rumor is that Adam the robot may hold the future of all civilization in his hands. Outside of that details are mum, but that sounds like the kind of show that will be right up our alley.

So far, they have only ordered a pilot of NBC’s Tin Man, but we will let you know more about this intriguing show the more we find out.

[Photo via Andrew H. Walker/Getty]