‘Grease Live’ Is Coming To Fox


Sometimes, you hear an idea that is so baffling and bad, it makes you think it might be a joke. News so absurd, you are convinced someone who writes press releases just got bored one day and started making stuff up. I would file this news under that. I will also file it under “things I will definitely watch to see just how insanely awful it is”, so in that sense, I guess it works. What am I speaking of? The simple fact that Fox just ordered Grease live. Yes, Fox is going to air a live broadcast of Grease in 2015, cast with all new people. Hold on, it is hard to type while laughing.

What I think Fox might be missing in this is the simple fact that the movie and play Grease were very much a sign of the times they were in. Kids in current society have no idea what a “Greaser” is, or the concept of not being pregnant at sixteen. So who is their intended market for this? It can’t be baby boomers, because they love the original so much they would not want to sully that with cool, new, young actors. Heck, half the joy of watching the first Grease movie is how all the teens are played by adults. But, as I stand here now, Fox ordered Grease Live for 2015. Wow, no matter how much I say it, it sounds no less absurd to me. You want less biased journalism about this? Check out The Hollywood Reporter’s take on it.

Truth is, I will watch it. I think all the world will. It is hard to look away from a good train wreck.

[Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty]

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