Why The Great Christmas Light Fight Is the Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Christmas TV

Remy Carreiro December 12, 2013 1

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There is a moment in A Charlie Brown Christmas Special when Charlie looks over at Snoopy’s dog house, and he sees that Snoopy is decorating it as garishly as he can so he will win an award for best Christmas lights. It makes Charlie Brown sick, and he then extols about how the idea of competition and people out doing each other at Christmas kills the whole point of Christmas. It is a brilliant moment and still applies fifty years later. Well, guess what? It applies even more now thanks to the godless ABC show, The Great Christmas Light Fight.

So what is it about, and why do I think it’s evil?

Well, look at the name. It makes no attempt to hide the fact that it wants families warring over who will have the better decorations. I honestly sat down to watch The Great Christmas Light Fight, got about five minutes in, and had to turn it off. Why? Because I am with Charlie Brown on this one, folks. Christmas has nothing to do with lights. It has nothing to do with outdoing someone. It is just the opposite of that. It is about how for one month out of the year, we go out of the way to be kind to one another. To help each other. To all be on the same level for once. The Great Christmas Light fight perfectly sums up everything that is wrong with Christmas lately. Competition and consumerism.

Not for nothing, but safe to say The Who’s down in Whoville would not be watching The Great Christmas Light Fight, and honestly, neither should you. Watch Rudolf or Frosty, or better yet sit around your Christmas tree and tell stories with your family. Anything, anything is better than this train wreck of a show that seems to somehow lose the entire point of Christmas.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men. Not “my lights are better than your lights”. As funny as it is in National Lampoon’s Christmas, in real life, it’s just sad.

[Photo via Guy D'Alema/ABC]

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    While your assumptions are just that, assumptions, these families aren’t just “competing”. Many have a pure joy for the lights, and even greater joy for the overwhelming feedback that neighbors give. They do it for the community! Also, many of these light shows accept donations for some form of charity. This isn’t are boastful doing, it is a sincere, caring act, that brings joy to both ends. Yes, it is in fact, a competition series, but when it boils down to it, i guarantee you could ask each family and they would say that win or loose, it wasn’t about the money, it was about the joy it brought to those surrounding. Your judging of how other choose to bring happiness is, how you said, “just sad”.