The Greatest Event in Television History (Part Four) Is On Tonight

adam scott

Please tell me you have watched the last three episodes of the Greatest Event in Television History? You know, that special with Adam Scott? You know, where they remake classic TV show intros, frame for frame. Wait, what do you mean you haven’t seen any of them? They are, well, the greatest event in television history. What TV fan would miss that? Who would willingly not watch something that lets you know just how important it is? Well, guess what. The Greatest Event in Television History (part four) is on tonight, and if you miss it, you deserve to have your TV revoked.

I remember watching the first one in silent awe. It was a remake of the opening to the show Simon and Simon. A show that, for all intents and purposes, I hadn’t thought of since the 80’s. Then they did a Hart to Hart remake, and it was just as splendid (and random a show). I also think some people forget that Jon Hamm actually died during the first episode. Seriously, look it up.

I wont ruin it and tell you which show they are lampooning tonight, but trust me, you will want to tune into your Adult Swim provider tonight to watch this. Rumor is it is the last episode of this awesome show, so tune in while you still can.

[Photo via Jesse Grant/Stringer]

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