Hannibal Recut as a Celebrity Cooking Challenge


Despite being on NBC, Hannibal is currently the most brutally violent show on television. You might expect that seeing as it’s about a serial killer who eats his victims, but the show has gone above and beyond in recent weeks in ways that I can’t even repeat here.

But what if it wasn’t quite so dark and gloomy? What if instead of a mass murderer, Hannibal was content to try and become a gourmet chef instead?

The above video recuts Hannibal and cast interviews for the show into a celebrity cooking challenge where Hannibal must impress his various guest judges. From the description:

“1 Master Chef must impress 10 Temperamental Celebrity Judges with 100 Gourmet Meals. Featuring Hugh Dancy, Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne, will Hannibal be able to control his kitchen and impress the guests?”

I would totally watch this if it were on TV. I always think how good most of Hannibal’s dishes look when the show airs, until I remember the “secret sauce.” That sort of kills the ol’ appetite.  Check out the video for yourself below.

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