Hannibal’s David Slade Will Direct ‘Powers’ for PlayStation


Because everyone wants to get into the TV game in this day and age of Netflix, we’re starting to see even video game consoles produce their own original programming. Microsoft is partnering with Steven Spielberg on a live-action Halo series for Xbox, but Sony has a project in the works that doesn’t have anything to do with their video games.

It’s Powers, an adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel about cops who investigate superheroes, and now it’s just picked up David Slade to direct the first two episodes of the show. Slade is most well known for his work on Hannibal, possibly even more than his film work, which isn’t unusual in this era of TV.

Here’s the official word on the project:

“Powers, based on Bendis’ Image/Icon comic that revolves around a cop who works in the Powers division of the police force and deals with crimes involving those endowed with special abilities, will be a 10-episode production for Sony’s PlayStation Network. The first episode will stream for free via PSN, with PlayStation Plus subscribers able to view the series for free.”

Fantastic for me, because I own a PS4 and have a PS Plus subscription, but it’s going to start being weird if we have to subscribe to like eight different services to get all the new non-TV streaming shows in one place, fees which will probably add up to being as much as cable itself, and then we’re back to where we started.

[Photo via Image Comics]

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