Why Haven’t You Watched It: Twin Peaks

twin peaks

There was a show in 1990 that was one of the weirdest, strangest (an oddly, best) TV shows I have ever seen. The show was written and directed by surreal master David Lynch, and it was called Twin Peaks. The show itself was a mystery about the death of a teenage girl in a town full of very strange people. The reason I am bringing it up today is because, though I know a bunch of people from my generation have seen, there a good deal of people from the younger generations who haven’t. Heck, some people haven’t even heard of it. This is me trying to change that.

What set Twin Peaks apart from any other show, ever, was just how incredibly surreal the whole thing was. The story may have revolved around agent Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan) trying to figure out who murdered Laura Palmer (played by who cares, she was pretty much dead in the first episode). But the show was pretty much just surreal vignette to surreal vignette of him meeting and questioning the strange people of Twin Peaks. There were little people who spoke backwards, there were serial killers living inside other bodies, and there was even David Bowie at one point I am pretty sure (though that might have been part of the spin off film, Fire Walk With Me). My point here is, there has never been anything like Twin Peaks on TV, ever.

So if you have not seen this show, head on over to Netflix right now and enjoy one of the most insane trips you will ever take from your couch.

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