HBO Airing James Gandolfini Tribute This Weekend

Paul December 19, 2013 0


Not content to sit around and wait for the Oscars to do an “in memoriam” slideshow featuring him, HBO is paying tribute to perhaps their most beloved star, Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini. This weekend on December 22nd, HBO will air ”James Gandolfini: A Tribute to a Friend.”

The special will be 35 minutes long and have two dozen of his friends and family members talking about the actor, interspersed with likely a metric ton of his best Sopranos clips. Gandolfini died this June at age 51. This is HBO’s second Gandolfini tribute to date. Previously, they aired every episode of The Sopranos on demand to honor the man.

It’s nice for HBO to do this, as lord knows they owe pretty much everything they are to Gandolfini. His performance in the role, on that show made The Sopranos immortal television, and cemented HBO’s status as something other than just “that movie channel.” It made the channel realize that original drama was the future, and now, years later, it has produced some of the best ever shows on TV.

If you were a fan of the man or his work, I highly suggest you tune in this weekend for the tribute. It should be memorable.

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]