HBO Developing a Shutter Island TV Show with Paramount

shutter island

While I certainly enjoyed Shutter Island well enough at the time, I’m not sure it quite goes down in history as one of Scorsese’s best, nor one that would logically evolve into a TV show. Yet here we are, with HBO and Paramount teaming up to bring a Scorsese-directed pilot to the channel.

The new show is called “Ashecliffe,” and would serve as a sort of origin story to the events of the film. The script is being written by Dennis Lehane, who wrote the original book that Shutter Island was based on.

Obviously, Scorsese and HBO are no strangers, as the two have worked together for years on Boardwalk Empire. But with that show drawing to a close soon, it seems both parties want the relationship to continue, and a Shutter Island TV show is how they’re moving forward.

It remains to be seen exactly how much of a prequel this show would be, as in, whether or not it contains Leonardo DiCaprio’s character at all (if so, it almost certainly won’t contain Leonardo DiCaprio). In the movie (spoiler alert) the grand twist was that DiCaprio was actually a patient, and the entire movie was a ruse set up to help him cope with his own loss. With an origin story, that twist would be rendered mute, but perhaps they’re just going to base an entirely new story in the setting of Ashecliffe.

It’s a bit of a strange project, admittedly, but it’s not wise to doubt HBO or Scorsese, so we’ll have to see how it turns out.

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