Hemlock Grove Gets Second Season Release Date on Netflix


Hemlock Grove was a pretty interesting Netflix original last year. A show that mashed up fairy tales with monster movies, and even some teen drama thrown in, it was quite unlike anything else being offered in show format (a lot darker and edgier than that other crop of modern fairy tales shows), it stood out to me for a few reasons. One, it did some things you would not be able to do on regular TV. We love Netflix for that. Next up, it had one of the coolest werewolf transformations we have ever seen, and this is coming from a huge horror movie fan. I would say spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen it yet, but all you have to do is look at the poster for the show, and the wolf thing is made quite clear. Anyway, good news for fans of Hemlock Grove. Like all good animals, it is crawling back to us.

You know, before I tell you when Hemlock Grove is coming back, I need to mention why we love Netflix shows so much. It isn’t just the gore and nudity, though that helps. Rather, it is the fact that we get whole seasons at once, to watch as we see fit. If all TV started to follow this trend, life would be a far better place. Okay, enough beating around the grove (lame wordplay alert). Hemlock Grove will begin airing its second season on July 11th, at twelve a.m.

A unique and creepy time for a unique and creepy show.

[Photo via Netflix]

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