Why The Holiday Celebrity Edition of Chopped Was The Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen

Remy Carreiro December 13, 2013 0


I have made it quite clear to people over the last few years that I love the show Chopped on the Food Network. I just find it to be incredibly informative and fun. The premise of the show is they bring three chefs on and give them a basket of four mystery ingredients that they then need to whip up into a delicious dish. Not only is the show fun to watch, but it also teaches the viewer a great deal about food in the process. Well, every now and then, they have a celebrity edition of Chopped. While most of the episodes are wholly entertaining, the most recent holiday celebrity edition of Chopped was, maybe, the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. There are two reasons for that, I will share with you now.

So it was Teri Hatcher, Antonio Sabato JR, Dawn Wells, and Anthony Anderson. The first reason this episode was so amazing? Teri Hatcher. The woman just knew her way around the kitchen, and was treating the food like the chefs on the show normally do. With love and respect. As odd as it may sound, as a foodie, seeing that doubled my respect for Terry Hatcher.

But I need to be honest. The real reason we are here. What stood out on the holiday celebrity edition of Chopped was Antonio Sabato Jr, for all the wrong reasons.

So how this is how Chopped works:

They give you four ingredients you have to TRANSFORM. That is the key word. Well, one of the items in the basket was a jelly doughnut. So what did Antonio Sabato Jr do to transform the doughnut? Nothing. He cut it in half and put it on the plate. It was quite obvious he had never seen the show, and what he was doing on it that day, I just don’t know. But I can’t lie. It was one of the funniest and stupidest moments I have ever seen on Chopped.

That is why the 2013 holiday celebrity edition of Chopped was the greatest thing I have ever seen, straight up. Instant cult status. He also confused basil with mint, for all the-time fail.

So bad it became good. Like the Chopped version of the movie Troll 2.

[Photo via Angela Weiss/Getty]