How Netflix Is Set To Forever Change TV (Even More)


You would be a fool not to make note of Netflix as a network after this year. From bringing us all back Arrested Development, to giving us the stellar new prison show, Orange is the New Black, Netflix has slowly become “one to watch” when it comes to TV. But there is much going on behind the scenes at Netflix, where even more amazing changes are being worked and and trying to be integrated into the whole Netflix experience. Come 2016, Netflix will (once again) forever change the way we watch TV.

The Weinsteins are currently working on a deal with Netflix so that, by 2016, the pay service will also have movies made available the DAY they come out in theaters, much like how some films go On-Demand the same day they are released. But we are talking Bob and Harvey Weinstein here, so this just won’t be some low-level, straight-to-DVD stuff here, we are talking about MAJOR films being released simultaneously on all formats.Think about the impact this could have on how you watch TV and how you go to the movies. Less and less people I know like to go out to films. With their home entertainment centers rivaling some movie experiences, there is no reason to leave the house and pay all that extra money, when you could watch anything, comfortably, from your couch. Netflix and the Weinsteins know this and are cashing in on it.

As of 2016, TWC and Dimension films will available at the same time on Netflix as its theater release, and we will be curious to see just how many other film companies agree with this idea. Though Netflix has already changed TV, this ultimately proves they are just getting started.

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