IMDB Users Top Shows of 2013

Remy Carreiro December 11, 2013 0


So what IMDB does is check out what shows people have searched for most on their site to compile their list of tops shows of 2013. It has nothing to do with ratings or how well the show does. In simple terms, these are the shows people looked for most on IMDB in 2013. A few of them make sense on the list, and it is safe to say a few might surprise you. Remember, in this instance, this is based on web searches and nothing more.

So the IMDB users top shows of 2013 are:

1. Game of Thrones

2. Breaking Bad

3. The Walking Dead

4. Big Bang Theory

5. Arrow

6. How I Met Your Mother

7. Dexter

8. American Horror Story

9. Vampire Diaries

10. Supernatural

See, like I said, a few make sense and a few don’t. Ofocurse we are going to see Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on there. Heck, even Walking Dead and Big Bang seem to fit. But Arrow? We mean no disrespect, and I even can admit I dig the show, but I had no idea that it had a fan base like that. Does that reflect itself in the show’s ratings?

Also, no lie, makes me kind of happy to see Supernatural on the show. It is a funny, creepy ride, and it seems more and more people have become akin to that over the years.

So what shows do you think they left of? Where is Sons of Anarchy? What do you think should have been the top shows of 2013? Take to the comments and let us know.

[Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO]