India’s Got Talent and the Coolest Little Kid You Will Ever See

Sometimes, you see something, and you know immediately that it is magic. You know that you will somehow never be the same. That is exactly how I feel about the recent clip I saw of a dancing kid on India’s Got Talent. This kid is oozing so much awesome, I feel like all other kids within a hundred mile radius feels vastly unworthy after basking in this kid’s pure swagger. Seriously. Sit down for this. Oh, you already are? Perfect.

So as you know, We are not the only country with a Got Talent show. They are all over the world, but sometimes we lose site of that because we are very egocentric. Well, take this clip to show you, not only do other places have talent, too, but other places my actually have more. Okay, enough of me telling you about this India’s Got Talent dancing kid. I think it best to show you. Watch above.

Props to Uproxx for finding it first. Now do you actually think you could look me in the eyes and tell me that you will likely see something better today? Come on? We both know that is a blatant lie. This kid’s moves are so slick, it is safe to say this kid is destined to be a superstar. Congrats, India’s Got Talent. You just made my day. Heck, you made my week!

I am now looking up every episode of this show.

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