Jadeveon Clowney Has Jimmy Fallon Run a 40-Yard Dash


Jadeveon Clowney, other than having one of the most colorful names in football, is one of the best new players heading to the NFL, and is one of the top picks for the draft. Clowney rose to national fame for his stellar play on the field, but also his rather insane 40-yard dash time of 4.53 seconds, barely a quarter second off from the world record. After he posted that time, USA Today called him “by far the most freakish physical specimen in this draft.” He’s an athlete without equal.

Naturally, Jimmy Fallon wanted to have some fun with him when he came on the show, and apparently Fallon is in such a good mood from the massively successful launch of his show that he volunteered to run a 40-yard dash himself to try and beat Clowney’s time. The result? Well over six seconds, but not too terrible for a guy wearing a full suit and tie. Clowney, meanwhile is 6’10 and 240 pounds, which is what makes his time truly out of this world. There’s no telling what he’s going to accomplish when he finally makes his way to the NFL after playing for South Carolina.

The interview itself is pretty great as well, and you can tell Clowney is a very humble guy. Always nice to see an athlete remember his roots, and be able to have a bit of fun like this. Clowney seems poised to be the next big NFL superstar, just like Fallon is our big new late night host.

See the video below:

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