James Corden Seduces Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Parody

James Corden seducing Jamie Dornan in this Fifty Shades parody is kind of disturbing, but it seems that Corden is really adept at this kind of thing. You get the feeling at first from the hallway scene that it’s about to get freaky, but when they step into the room it still gets kind of odd when you see the train set and the different train cars that he has on display. And then he keeps talking in his low, husky voice, before placing the bandana over Dornan’s face, and you can’t help but break up laughing. The seductive quality of this is just enough to laugh uproariously at since it’s done in such a style that you get the feeling that laughing is about the only thing you can really do.

The fascination with trains and the seduction used in this clip though is just, wow, I mean, really kind of too strange for words. Those that love the seductive qualities of Fifty Shades of Grey might get a kick out of this, but any train enthusiast might be watching through narrowed eyes as they try not to cringe at something that’s just this side of ridiculous. And then Jamie breaks out the D&D book and James just loses it.

Laughing is the best you can do at this really since anything else might make you turn it off. As far as trains go I never understood the allure but some people do have a serious fascination when it comes to the hobby. To each their own and all that, I can see how having a hobby is a great thing for most people, but watching a train go around a track continuously is, to me, about as exciting as watching paint dry on a patch of grass as it grows. And another thing I have yet to get is the fact that many women would never subject themselves to some of the things that are seen in the Fifty Shades books and in the movies, and yet they’ll read about them and watch them with baited breath waiting to see what’s going to happen. Someone managed to try and explain it to me that fantasy is often greater than reality, which I fully agree with, but the disconnect is still there, particularly when women that identify as hardcore feminists watch and read this kind of stuff and praise it as one of the best stories ever. Hedging bets isn’t just for gamblers it would seem.

But in all fairness James Corden is just a funny, funny guy that likes to take what he feels is pertinent in the world of entertainment today and make something of it that might cause you to cringe but is still undeniably funny. His portrayal of so many different genres is something that many comics have tried to do over the years but only a handful have ever really been able to accomplish. So long as it makes people laugh and doesn’t cross too many lines it’s worth it to watch.

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