Jared, Jensen, Misha & Jim at this Year’s Supernatural Comic Con Panel

I had hoped this would be the case but now I’m silently nervous. During my first Comic Con….at my second press room ever…I’ll be faced with the full cast of Supernatural. This can only end with me staring mutely. It’s happened before. Ask Jennifer Garner about our interaction during last year’s Toronto International Film Festival (clue: I stared mutely – and she was wearing the most amazing shoes….)

While the official schedule for the Supernatural panel at Comic Con this year listed the attendees as executive producers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund, as well as creator/executive producer Eric Kripke, no cast members were mentioned by name. Fandom (and Twitter) were abuzz with the news that Misha Collins (Castiel) and Jim Beaver (Bobby) would be making appearances (which Beaver himself has confirmed on his Twitter account).

Now it’s been confirmed by BuddyTV that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles would also return for this year’s panel, which is taking place on Sunday, July 25 at 11:15 a.m. PST. Apparently we’ll be seeing some footage from season 6, along with seeing a preview from season 5’s DVD and Blu-ray special features.

So all of you who will be attending Comic Con this year are in for a treat – executive producers, the creator himself, and the full main cast members. It’s going to be one hell of a panel. I’ll be the girl in the back staring mutely.

So….if any of our readers out there would like to provide me with questions to ask in the press room, so that I look like a somewhat-intelligent person, email me at clarissa@tvovermind.com, comment below or tweet me @clarissa373.

While I’m at it, let me pimp the Twitter accounts for Collins and Beaver. Beaver speaks (and tweets) about two million impressive languages and you can find him at twitter.com/jumblejim. He also writes plays and best-selling books, appears in other shows and does so much stuff while raising a young daughter that I actually wonder where he finds the time. Collins, meanwhile, is secretly plotting to take over the world with his army of minions. It’s a cause I can support. You can follow it at twitter.com/mishacollins

  • Nicole

    Clarissa first off I have to say I am so jealous of you going to Comic Con and even more the Supernatural panel. I am a huge Supernatural fan, it is my favorite show currently on TV and if I was there I would be joining you in staring mutely (and also enjoying looking at Misha Collins).I do have a question that you can ask though: How is Castiel going to be involved in the 6th season since the 5th season ended with him being needed in heaven, will he still be around helping the boys like in the past?

  • pixiewings

    *tries to NOT choke on overwhelming jealousy*I would be incapable of even staring mutely, as I would be on the floor in cardiac arrest. That being said, please ask The Boys to come to Calgary- you can give them my email ;)Is Bobby a Deanboy or a Samboy ? :D

  • Lucy

    Can you please ask Kripke why the mytharc for Dean was changed from season 4 to 5?Why was Cas underused in season 5?What caused the big change in episode 100, as it was announced to be about Michael, and be a huge episode for Jensen?

  • Smellynelly

    Hey, congrats and have fun.My main question is, what happened to Dean's arc? It was completely dropped and nothing more was saiid about it.

  • Len

    Not sure what you guys are watching, but the 100th episode was very Dean centric and Dean was the emotional center of that episode along with most of S5. There was a spoiler which gave a hint about Michael and the show delivered that.

  • Len

    Oh and forgot to add my question. I'd like to know what Sam's current emotional state of mind is since we don't see much of it and what plans they have for him in S6.

  • Lee

    Hi Clarissa — LOL to your Jen Garner story (I'm sure I would have done the same thing!).Yes, I just heard that Jensen and Jared will be attending this year — how exciting! My questions would be directed to Kripke and/or Gamble: why was Dean dropped from his own arc and replaced with Adam? Why wasn't there further exploration of Dean and Michael? They barely interacted at all. And finally what did Michael mean when he told Dean that he was "no longer part of the story"? Was that some sort of meta by Kripke to tell us that Dean was never meant to be a relevant player in the mytharc, or what?Oooh, I'd also like to hear about Jensen's experience directing an episode. Thanks, Clarissa!

  • http://twitter.com/SnookyTLC SnookyTLC

    My question: Was Chuck God? When I saw him vanish, I figured he was taken up to heaven because his work was done, but I soon discovered a lot of fans interpreted that as him being God all along. I figure he's "Godlike" in that he represents Kripke's act of creation of the story itself in a meta way, but the actual God? That's my question. By the way, I'll be at the panel, too! So excited Jensen and Ackles will be in attendance as well…

  • Bchickk

    A couple of questions for Jensen: 1. How did he enjoy being the director on set? 2. How is doing voice acting for a project like Red Hood, different from his regular acting (besides not having to worry about hair and make up)? 3. Does he have any other projects coming down the pipeline after season 6 is wrapped?

  • Amie

    Oooh, awesome!!! Have fun! Could you ask the writers if we're going to get Season 4-esque Dean and Cas in season 6? I missed their dynamic so much in season 5! <3 I know Cas is in Heaven and Dean is retired and all, but surely their friendship can survive the divide! Thanks! :) Oh, and I agree with Bchickk about the Jensen questions… he's doing so much interesting stuff these days. <3 Hope you have a great time!

  • Maya

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions through you. I wonder:Dean was replaced by Adam as Michaels wessel.Dean was replaced by Sam as the one to end it.Deas was replaced by the Impala as the one to get through to Sam.Why?Have a great time, and if you have a chance, wish Jensen good luck with his debut as a director. Even if I don`t care for the character Bobby, I will watch to see what Jensen can do as a director! :)

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